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There are a number of ways that we are different at Allfreight than other brokers and dealing directly with lenders. We would like to point some of them out to you because they might not always be evident when you are first looking around, but they certainly show through when the job of finance needs to be done.

Expect Absolute Competence

Allfreight Finance Brokers represent over 3 decades of specialist lending experience and is an entirely owned and operated Australian business. We have an intimate knowledge of the trucks and equipment that we finance. Knowing the machinery, the industry and the people who run their own business give us an advantage that you can benefit from. Not all finance is the same and transport / heavy equipment is specialised.

Od Competence

This knowledge enables up to properly prepare and specify the finance applications in such as way as to ensure that the lenders are given ALL of the details that they require to approve a finance proposal the first time it is submitted.

Allfreight holds accreditations with all of the major lending institutions within Australia. Our advanced computer systems are online directly to these lenders and we keep full paperwork and documentation for applying to any lender on any product. Our administration team are highly trained and experienced in the transport sector.

We do things properly and don't cut corners. Finance applications are handled and prepared with diligence and in a manner that ensures the relevant facts, figures and supportive documents are all included or obtained promptly when a lender requires extra details.

Our combined years of experience in banking and transport & equipment finance gives our clients the peace of mind that they want. We know what we are doing, so that you can get on with running your business effectively.

Expect Genuine Care of your Business Wellbeing

Over many years of transport and heavy machinery equipment finance there have been a number of things that have changed, and some that have not changed at all - as it should be. New innovative lending products, new sources of funding, changes in the tax laws and the ever-changing nature of workloads and conditions.

Od Care

However, there are some things that don’t change with us, and that’s very deliberate. At Allfreight WE CARE and we have no intention of changing that. In a world that is increasingly impersonal, within a finance industry that can be calculating and at times frustrating, we continue to put our customers first and keep their best interests at the heart of what we do, and how we do it.

At Allfreight it's our intention to take professional care of each and every client, no matter what the situation, the need or the size of the deal. We take our role in your business growth very seriously and strive to do all that we can to ensure you have the capital and the finance facilities in place to drive your business forward.

We like to take a broad look at your business and the plans you have for the trucks or equipment that your are looking to finance, so that we can advise you on real-life scenarios based on thousands of finance deals that we have done. Our advice and guidance in this area along with our knowledge of finance assessment has helped many business owners and fleet managers ensure that there is enough buffer in their valuations to allow for the ups and downs of the industry.

We care about the long-term effects of finance and want to see our client's businesses be as profitable as possible whilst balancing the tax benefits. It's also important that clients think ahead to the end of the finance contract period and what position they should be in at that time in order to continue growing.

The Easiest Process Available to Obtain Equipment Finance

We know that comparing complex financial products and then preparing and processing finance applications isn't something that most small to medium operators need to do very often. Even larger fleet managers can't be expected to keep up-to-date with all of the changing finance options available.

Od Process

Lenders also change their lending ratios, their assessment criteria and their interest rates on a regular basis. Our close working relationship with the banks and finance organisations position us to make your job of obtaining finance so much easier and quicker. Allfreight is held in high regard with the financiers and likewise, we make it our business to work in with their computer systems, administration and documentation requirements. It's very easy for us to deal directly with these companies and we do so on a daily basis.

By using Allfreight as your broker, you then have us to calculate, assess, prepare and submit finance applications on your behalf. We know all the questions to ask, we know the details that the lender will need, and we know exactly how to prepare and submit it to them. This means that you simply have to tell us a few basic details in order for us to identify the best available finance and prepare your application for you.

We then have the dedicated time and admin staff during business hours to follow up with the lenders and track your finance application through the process. This leaves you free to get on with running your business with minimum input or interruptions.

Allfreight Insurance Brokers are also located within our office and we can work closely together to ensure that both your finance and insurance requirements are taken care of in one office.

We are only ever a phone call or email away to answer any questions that you may have, and to keep you informed on the progress of your finance application.

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“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
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