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Business Loans and Overdrafts

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Business Loans And Overdrafts

Time-poor business owners need finance solutions with speed, certainty and flexibility.

As a stand-alone facility up to $500,000, this next-generation Business Overdraft links to your existing business transaction account and gives you the certainty of access to funds at any time.

Some of the features include: (business turnover greater than $5 million)

Up to $500,000 linked to your business transaction account Only pay interest on funds used (no line fees) within 24 hours

Some of the features include (business turnover between $250k - $5 million)

No business financials required for limits to $150,000, just bank statements Only pay interest on funds used (no line fees) Approvals within 24 hours

Business Loans
  • Unsecured commercial loans from $50,000 to $250,000 are available. The unsecured loan can be a standalone amount or your eligible customers could apply for a partially secured position , provided the unsecured portion of the loan is no more than $250,000 and the customer's commercial lending does not exceed $1.5million
  • Suitable for business owners operating in their current business for at least one year with no history of trading losses in the last two years.
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