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Commercial Equipment Finance Melbourne

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Equipment Finance

At Allfreight Finance Brokers we strive to provide our industrial clients throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area with comprehensive and personalised financial assistance, guidance, and solutions based on your requirements and current financial situation. By taking the time to meet with our clients we will gain an in-depth insight into the liabilities and assets of our client’s companies. Thanks to this approach it is our goal to deliver the best equipment finance services available to our Melbourne customers.

At Allfreight Finance our brokers have the talent, knowledge, and skills to secure the best equipment and machinery to suit our customer’s specific needs and requirements. Our experience in the industry has ensured that we can provide financing for the right equipment based on your businesses requirements. Committed to commercial equipment financing that’s flexible to your needs, call Allfreight today on (03) 9305 9400.

Low Doc Equipment Finance

Committed to delivering a comprehensive range of financing solutions and services the brokers at Allfreight Finance will work for our customers and clients to guarantee they secure the right loan to meet their financial desires and requirements. Drawing on years of training and hands-on experience we can assist our clients and business owners in expanding the scope of their operations by purchasing better equipment and more efficient machinery.

By offering complete low doc equipment finance for our clients we can ensure that your business does not stagnate simply because you don’t time to complete your financials.

Earthmoving Equipment Finance

Able to greatly increase the effectiveness of the daily operations of businesses in the construction and demolition fields the benefits of earthmoving equipment cannot be overlooked. At Allfreight Finance Brokers we understand the effect that a reliable, late model earthmover can have and how it can enhance and expand regular operations. By providing complete and personalised earthmoving equipment finance we can aim to increase the scope and spread of your businesses operations and capabilities. That’s why Airfreight is proud to provide the commercial finance Melbourne businesses rely on.

Plant And Equipment Finance

At Allfreight Finance Brokers our attentive and reliable team aim to take the hard work out of the confusing process of applying for, and gaining approval of, business loans and finance. Our second-to-none plant and equipment finance solutions are crafted to ensure that your specific desires are met and that you can continue to grow your business from strength to strength. To speak to a member of our team about how we can help you and your business call us today on (03) 9305 9400.

Used Equipment Loans

Looking for market-leading used equipment loans? Allfreight Finance can provide you the used equipment finance loan to ensure you can afford a vehicle, even if it’s bought through private or second-hand sale.

Our process for securing quality equipment financing involves accurately assessing the market value of the truck or equipment you’re looking to purchase to establish the proper security value. This means we have flexible equipment financing for private sales, ensuring we’re the equipment finance broker for you.

To find out what you could get, call us today on (03) 9305 9400 or use our easy online form to get a Free Assessment on your possible commercial equipment loans.

New Business Equipment Financing

Starting up a new company and need a loan? Our new business equipment financing means you can get your new office started up. Whether it’s office equipment finance for refurbishment, printers or anything else, Allfreight can help with a business equipment loan. Melbourne-based, we have offices in Somerton and Dandenong.

Allfreight Finance Brokers – the equipment loans Melbourne businesses can rely on.

Equipment Finance Options

Used Equipment Financing

  • Hire Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Insurance Premium Funding
  • Novated Motor Vehicle Leasing
Hire Purchase

Commercial Hire Purchase (also known as Asset Purchase) is similar to Leasing except the customer claims the allowance for depreciation on the equipment plus interest as a tax deduction, as opposed to claiming the actual Lease payment as with a finance lease agreement.

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel Mortgage Agreements allow clients on the cash method of accounting to claim their GST back in one lump sum on their next BAS Statement.

Insurance Premium Funding

Clients with annual insurance premiums exceeding $10,000 can preserve their cash flow while still choosing their insurance provider. Premiums can be funded over six to ten months.

Novated Motor Vehicle Leasing

Under this arrangement, an employee leases a motor vehicle from the financier using a standard lease agreement. The employee then sub-leases the vehicle to the employer under an operation lease. A ‘Novation’ agreement is entered into between the employee, employer and the Financier under which the employee’s obligation is for the term of the Novation Agreement. The employer pays the lease rentals direct to the financier.

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